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Home Organization & Tidying Sessions

Silver Lining will guide you through home organization and tidying sessions, and ultimately living a life free of clutter. Helping you to gain space, renew energy and find peace.


Silver Lining EXPRESS

An introduction to the KonMari Method; a visioning exercise, sorting and learning to hone the art of discarding, folding and storing lesson.


Your choice of a category:  Clothing, Books, or Paper

One 3-Hour Session: $195


Five 3-Hour Sessions for $975

Silver Lining SUITE

The Silver Lining Suite Package is ideal for those who would like one-on-one tidying guidance, coaching and support but who are comfortable working on some of their tidying festival on their own.  This package is best for those with one person in the household and/or who live in an apartment, condo or small home. 

Package Investment: $1300*

*based on homes up to 1200 sq. ft/up to 20 hours in tidying services

Silver Lining HOMESTEAD

The Silver Lining Homestead Package is ideal for those who would like one-on-one tidying guidance, coaching and support during the majority of their tidying festival.  Those with limited time to complete tidying work on their own would benefit from this package.  This package is geared to one or two family members from the same household (eg. an individual, a couple or two roommates) or those who live in an average size, single family home. 

Package Investment: $1950*

*based on homes 1200 - 1800 sq. ft/up to 30 hours in tidying services

Silver Lining ESTATE

The Silver Lining Estate Package is ideal for those who live in a larger home (eg. over 1800 sq. ft. and less than 3000 sq. ft.) or who would like to include multiple family members (up to four from the same household) in the tidying festival.  It is also ideal for those who would like tidying guidance, coaching and support during their entire tidying journey.

Package Investment: $3200*

*based on homes 1800 - 3000 sq. ft/up to 50 hours in tidying services

SUITE, HOMESTEAD and ESTATE Packages Include:

  • A guided visioning exercise for each family member to support you prior to your tidying festival-identifying your end goal(s).

  • In home, hands on tidying and organizing guidance, coaching and support inspired by the KonMari Method™

  • Basic tidying and organizing materials

  • Email and phone support in between sessions

Booking info:

  • Packages can be booked with a one-time payment or in payment blocks

  • Additional blocks of time can be booked at a discounted rate, if needed



I currently accept cash, check and Venmo, but other payment arrangements can be made according to need.

Terms and conditions:


Terms and conditions will be outlined in the Silver Lining Service Agreement, upon agreement by both parties of consulting services.

Silver Lining Tidying Artist Packages Prices

I offer three primary packages.  Each package consists of a series of hands on tidying sessions inspired by the KonMari Method™ and completed in your home.  Each session will provide one-on-one interaction with guidance, coaching and support needed to transform your home into a space of joy and calm.  You identify items you love and that spark joy for you and discard those that do not.  We work together on how to organize and store your ‘joy’ items so you can move through each day with less stress and more ease.  This, in turn, helps you to maintain your home with less effort and more joy!

I also offer "Silver Lining Express," a one-time session for customers looking for an introduction to Silver Lining principles and basic guidance.

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