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We love to make people happy!

Home Room Decor

"Every space has found a purpose."

I felt my house was cluttered and chaotic, but I wanted my home to be warm and inviting. I didn’t know how to keep the things that sparked joy and filter out things that created the feeling of chaos. I had tried to “organize” my house numerous times and all I was doing was rearranging things to look nice. And for a little while it did, and then clutter took over once again, overwhelming me and my home. Working with Angela has been an inspiring and extremely rewarding experience. My home has become brighter and I know where to find the things I need. Every space has found a specific purpose. I am no longer buying things I already had, but couldn’t find. I have a system for daily mail and paying bills. My young daughter is able to clean her room without my help. I am able to go to one room for the items I need instead of searching every closet to remember where I placed that specific item. 

In the beginning, I had worried that I would feel pressured to throw things away. My tidying experience was the complete opposite. I was able to find joy and comfort in the things that meant the most with no pressure to get rid of anything. As Angela offered thoughtful questions and discussions, I was able to filter through my things to truly find what made my home warm and inviting. My home has become my sanctuary and I am finding a great deal of pleasure to invite people over to enjoy my space.


See what Joe had to say about his recent garage transformation... 

I considered my house overwhelming and impossible to manage. Angela came into my home with such a positive an energetic attitude; that right from the beginning she made me feel comfortable. She took me through the process one step at a time. Where I had items in multiple places she helped me to get them into one area. Where I once felt so spread out and found things hard to find, now I just go to the place I picked out to find what I want. The process help me to figure out everything I had. I now have the chance at a new beginning, knowing what I have and where it is. I find it easier put things away when I know where they're supposed to go. Thank you Angela. You truly are a silver lining!



 Libby, Montana

Abstract Paper Craft

Helping Paper & Ink stay in sync!

I initially hired Angela to help me create a more efficient work space for my business. Angela had the unique ability to understand my goals, values and desires for working and living in my space in ways that I could never have achieved on my own. She is holistic in her approach and embraces the individual’s personality and tastes.


What began as an effort to become more efficient has exceeded that goal in ways that save me significant time and money, but even more important than that….every space I walk into, every drawer I open, every moment of my day inside my business sparks great joy. The rejuvenation I feel throughout my work day is the result of Angela’s sensitivity to my wishes and her amazing sense of design, purpose and potential in seeing people’s spaces. I have now hired Angela to help me with my home. I can’t wait to see what we do together!

- Marcy


Paper and Ink Studio

Missoula, MT