Find your silver lining…gain space, renew energy and find peace.

Space. Energy. Peace.



Angela Johnstone


Angela is a certified KonMari Consultant in the KonMari Method™; skilled in the art of tidying and providing guidance to find what sparks joy in your life. Find your Silver Lining... gain space, renew energy and find peace...



What can Silver Lining do for you?

Silver Lining can help you organize your home, your business and ultimately - your life!

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Keeping our customers happy! 


Jeanne W.

 "I feel more at peace in my home and have more time for what is important to me."

Olivia M.

“Tidying up my kitchen and creating space dedicated to meal preparation and baking make preparing for the holidays a breeze.”

Jane W.

"Truly the only organization and decluttering system that has worked for me."