Founded to help refine individual systems of living, so you can experience higher levels of calm in your spaces. It’s time to stop envision your ideal lifestyle and start living it.

Angela Johnstone owner of Silver Lining Tidying Artist


Silver Lining was founded on the belief that everyone deserves to feel at peace when surrounded by their possessions. Being free from clutter is the overall goal of working with us. We’re here to teach you the act of Tidying with Intention and Discarding with Confidence. You’ll begin to gain space, renew energy, and find peace in your home.

We ask you to buy into the act of creating a new reality, refining and transforming your existing space and understanding your ability to change a space into a sanctuary.

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Angela Johnstone owner of Silver Lining Tidying Artist
KonMari Master Consultant


Angela is a professional organizer skilled in the art of tidying and specializing in home and office organization. She provides thoughtful guidance to what sparks joy in your life and works alongside you to declutter your home. The goal for her work is to declutter your home, reduce chaos, and find calmness within your life.

As a certified KonMari® Consultant conversant in the KonMari Method of discarding, Angela guides you along every step of the process. You will learn to tidy with intention and discard with confidence in order to find peace within your home, office and life.

KonMari Master Consultant

Silver Lining Tidying Artist is a professional organizer in Spokane, Washington who practices a holistic approach to home and office organizing.


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